"ursutlp´n - så jävla bra. det är så standard och korrekt att jag blir alldeles knäsvag.
...det var som att sätta på en elvisplatta."

tisdag 2 september 2014

URSUT- Spring Då!

Hey there! Signs of life, our latest recorded song SPRING DÅ is available on youtube

tisdag 4 juni 2013

Thank you all at PUNX 44

This weekend was awesome and drained in swet! Thanks to the PUNX 44 and all the great bands that played!

We've decided to pause the live shows for a while because of writing new material. This feels really exiting, and we hope to be able to deliver some bad ass new songs within a reasonable time.

More to come!!

fredag 26 april 2013

LP:s available again!!

We went to Hamburg for the Malmö Hardcore Invasion vol.1 and had a blast! Really great to see all you great people as we did, and it was a pleasure to play the Friday night!
Along with this our lovely friend Stachel La Familia managed to cary our band copies of the repress from Bremen for us, so now we've the LP available again! And on limited pink vinyl!!
LP repressed by La Familia, Unrest and 4490 records.

Order this straight from us, or through Punkdistro in Germany, or Not Enough where I take your orders here in Sweden. / Oskar

ORDER THE BOX   from Not Enough

torsdag 21 mars 2013


We're booked to play the PUNKS 44 the 1:st of June. This will be a great fest so if you're in the area try to get there!


torsdag 6 december 2012

Booked for the "Malmö hardcore Invasion" in Hamburg

Got booked to play the Malmö hardcore Invasion vol 1 in Hamburg April 19-20:th 2013
Going to be super great!

More info and bands that's getting booked can be found at the facebook site:


tisdag 30 oktober 2012

New metalmerch!!!

So just in today, straight from hell (Berlin to be exact) the new designed metalpatches.
110 SEK / 12€ each plus postage
Work done by Acid Witch Marina - big thumbs up to you!! Fucking awesome shit!